PFSense and PS4 port opening/forwarding

  • Hi All,

    I've worked in IT for a few years and am pretty competent with most things Windows/Server/Desktop related but networking has always confused me at the best of time.

    I've had a PFsense firewall in my home for about 6 months and it's very reliable as a router and DHCP lease device.

    I have recently purchased a PS4 and cannot for the life of me get games like COD to work due to 'NAT Type: Strict'

    It's got to the point where i feel like genuinely crying where I cannot get this to work - i've read website after website link after link.

    If someone can look at help i'd happily chuck over some beer money as I just don't understand how to make this work.

    the Pfsense box is a APU thing from LinITX thanks

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And does pfsense have a public IP on its wan or private?  If your behind a double nat its going to be difficult to forward ports inbound to your ps4 or even have UPnP do it for you.

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