Does this make any sense? (ISP offers something I don't believe)

  • Our company was looking at getting a dedicate fibre link to our head office.

    Our current office line is an 80/20 coax line. The sales person replied with the email below.

    _"Dedicated fibre connections work a little different from coax connections. I would say that our 20Mb dedicated fibre connection would be hugely superior to your current coax connection.

    A dedicated fibre connection makes use of capacity that's reserved solely for the individual company. Unlike your coax connection, the bandwidth available does not drop at peak times, when many users in your office are attempting to make use of their connections.  As more users connect, your coax connection gets slower and slower.  In theory, if you were to have 10 users all trying to upload a document at the same time on a 20Mbps coax connection, each user is only getting 2Mbps  as the connection has been divided by the total number of users.  This doesn’t happen with a dedicated connection."_

    My question:

    How is a 20/20 dedicated fibre line supposed to allow multiple to gain FULL 20/20 network speed? How does this make any sense?

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    Depends on whether or not you are consistently getting your 80/20.

    It also depends on how they define 20/20 on fiber.  You sometimes get a 100/100 or even 1000/1000 ethernet handoff circuit and they bill you 95th percentile. meaning you can burst to 100/100 and as long as you're not over 20/20 when the top 5% of samples in the billing period are tossed out, you're good.

    But that explanation sounds like a bunch of gobbledygook. 20M is 20M.

  • Im just thinking about the part where he suggested there is not performance limit. If I had 10 users he's suggesting all of them would get the full speed?

    If this is the case, I'm about to become an ISP.. ;D

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    There is typically a sales engineer you can talk to.

  • I believe what they are talking about is that DOCSIS cable plants are shared between multiple users,

    Your cable modem might be speed limited to 80/20, Your entire neighborhood/node might have 120/40 so your sharing the 120/40 with everyone around you.

    Even though they sliced out 80/20 for you, they might have sliced out 80/20 for a couple of other people too, obviously not everyone is going to get 80/20 at the same time.

    With dedicate fiber 20/20 you get 20/20 all the time no matter what your neighbors are doing. They same theory still applies at your site though, if 4 people AT YOUR SITE are trying to do 20/20 then it will slow down as your entire site is sharing the 20/20.

    80/20 -> Share With Neighbors and Share with Site
    20/20 -> Share with Site

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    I think he is trying to explain that coax or cable is often shared on the node.. For example your neighborhood, or building(s) in the same area.  While yes if other people on your node suck up bandwidth you might not see your full speeds.  The node is normally quite higher than say your 80/20… Its not like your neighbor using 10mb of 20 up leaves you only 10, etc..

    While trying to say that his fiber connection would be from their central office to your location, ie a p2p or dedicated connection..  But you still share the isp pipe to the internet with everyone on the isp in that location..

    Im with derelict, that statement is a bunch of gobblegook..  If you are seeing your 80/20, I would think it really foolish to go to 20/20 anything unless it was WAY cheaper and you had no actual use of the 80 and only needed 20..

    Ask him what 100/100 ;)

  • Funny enough its much more expensive. I presume they're like many ISPs and seem to price things in such a strategic way as to make it more expensive when they presume more internet traffic means more annual income.

    200/10 is $69 a month for home users (dynamic IP)
    200/10 is $99 a month business users (dynamic IP)
    20/2 is $179 a month for business users (1 static IP)
    80/20 is $259 a month (5 static IPs)

    They want $585 a month for 20/20 and the 100/100 is $2200 a month.

    I ALWAYS get 80/20, never seen less. In fact its often 82/25 or so. I run automated speed tests daily.

  • A dedicated business line is a nice thing if you need stable bandwidth and you don't currently have it. I can get 500/500 fiber with dedicated bandwidth for $250/m.

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