• I couldn't find an official thread so I though I would start one. Sorry if I missed it.

    What I would like to see.

    Instead of Static routes, or maybe an addition to..Have some command of easy to use command line structure with an output box for adding routes. I know you can do most of this already from the command line, but add this feature directly to Static Routes or under it. In this output box also have it to where it constantly displays what routes are currently going where. Basically when you do status.php have the routing tables displayed under this option. I think this would clear up a lot of confusion on why people can't cross traffic through certain interfaces besides firewall confusion. I ran into a problem/bug with m0n0wall not correctly adding directly connected routes.

    So if I went into Static Routes, some where I would have an option of add route. Maybe also on the command line under that part have it to where you can generate ifconfig on your interfaces. I know basically this is like the system - interfaces but this doesn't show the routes that are currently set.

    To me it seems more confusing using Static Routes as to going into the command line and adding " ip route xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. 255.xxx.xxx.xxx.xx etc. etc.
    Call me old school but with multiple subnets, interfaces, etc.etc. It just seemed easier to typing the routes in, they worked, and you were done.

    I know from also reading that Traffic Shaping working on Multiple Interfaces as this would be a great addition.

    SysLog Feature / Option. Ability to specify via the GUI how much hard drive space to allocate for the logs. As of Right now i have set 2000 entries as max but I would like the ability to have more. Problem is it seems to all generate ontop the same page. I don't know how exactly to go about it or if would be difficult to add pages to this. For instance have so many entries per page.