How to log when people are using encrypted streaming or VPN's

  • I have an business and I need a way for VPN's and encrypted streaming to record a log in Sarg or lightsquid or any other way ?
    I use IPvanish vpn from time to time and I use spideroak one which is a encrypted online backup service I can upload 50 gigabytes on spider oak or use my vpn for hours and nothing shows up in sarg or lightsquid logs but everything not encrypted  I use does show up.
    I can  see in the traffic graphs, rrd graphs, bandwidthd,  a lot of bandwidth was used but not what used the bandwidth Darkstat shows the spider oak IP address and the bandwidth but not what computer was used. ntopng will show the computer and and ipaddress but only when its uploading.
    1st if my computer was hacked  while encrypted and data stolen while I was working and I looked at the logs the next day you wouldn't even see it
    2nd I own a shop I don't want to spend a lot of time in front of the computer I want to look at pfsense every few days and make sure someone wasn't wasting a ton of time on websites they shouldn't be on at work if they were using anonymous surfing I wouldn't even see it

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