New to pfSense, 3 questions about wireless, ICMP and DNS ACLs.

  • I'm just finding my way around pfSense - have had some Checkpoint and Debian Linux experience in the distant past.  So my first pfSense post.

    From the forums here i decided to try out pfSense on the Celeron 1037U and the installation has be a breeze so far.    No troubles in getting UK delivery, the packing tape skill of the sender - a work of art in itself.  IPSEC VPN working within a few minutes.  I added a cheap 20GB SSD and 4GB memory.  CPU hardly stressing.  Really happy.

    The web interface is very professional, a joy to use.  A few little questions after a couple of days running.

    a) The wireless interface is not recognised, and is probably not suitable for running an Access Point (i don't need one in the firewall).  I'm assuming I can leave it "unrecognised" until I need that interface for something (thinking wireless secondary route in the future).  Is that a sane idea, or should i just remove the miniPCIE wireless card or track down some drivers and disable it?

    b) Decided to run some diagnostics, looking at the pfTop i noticed a large amount of ICMP traffic -packet captured this to a CAP file and reviewed in Wireshark.  Seems the firewall is pinging the next upstream router every second.

    The WAN interface is PPPoE but i can not find if this in the PPPoE settings or online help,  cause - or perhaps some other link monitor is going on.

    So my question is - is this ICMP traffic normal ?

    c) on the DNS Resolver Setup (to support local LAN DNS, and local DNS values from DCHP) a question on Access Lists

    I wanted to have three subnets "allowed access list" and then one "Catchall List" which i planned to set to "block".  I found i could not set the CIDR to value 0 (1-32 only) for the second.  I suspect I'm not understanding the defaults?

    Thanks all

  • OK I found the answer to b)  is this ICMP traffic normal ? - Yes - its the default for monitoring and can be tweaked in the System / Routing / Edit Gateway section - and it works perfectly.

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