Evaluate my hardware and suggest storage medium please

  • System is so far as configured:

    Sentey SS4-2430
    Sempron 3850
    ASUS AM1M-A (supports ecc, tested and checked via ubuntu live usb)
    4GB unregistered ECC (3.5gb usable because of the apu video)
    2x Intel PCIE 1x Pro 1000
    1x Intel PCIE 4x Pro 1000 Quad
    Mini-Box picoPSU-80 80 watt Output 12 volt Input DC-DC Power Supply

    Onboard realtek NIC disabled

    Supports USB 3.0, but not sure if PFsense will work with it (perhaps disable)

    Any suggestion on what kind of storage to install to?

    I have a 60GB MLC ssd, 160GB 2.5" Sata II, and many usb drives.

    Should I get a new sata III 2.5 drive? DOM SLC sata module?
    Sata to CF or SD?


  • I have a 60GB MLC ssd

    Take it and be happy together with the rest.

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