No/sporadic connectivity between ipsec sites

  • I've got an IPSec link going between our hosting center and our main office. FOr the most part, I am unabel to pass traffic between them when the SA is established. For a brief, shining moment this morning, I was able to ping across the link as well as establish connections to services on the far end.

    And then it stopped. The SA is still up, but it's dead in the water again.

    Setup is as follows:

    Remote Site: pfSense

    Central Site: Sonicwall Pro 2040

    Rules on pfSense end to allow all from on ipsec to and from on LAN to

    Rules on Sonicwall end to allow all from to (and the other way)

    … and as I type this, it's pinging again.  ???

    ETA the following morning: No ping now. Something is running inconsistently over this link.