Dual-CPU support

  • If, hypothetically speaking, a person has a dual-CPU (say 2x Intel Xeon processors of the same type) machine and they wish to install pfSense on that machine, will it work to utilize both processors and all cores of the system? If not, are there plans to have it supported and what is the maximum amount of RAM that pfSense could utilize?

  • Rebel Alliance

    Pfsense build on FreeBSD 10.1.

    I found a old Post, FreeBSD 8-STABLE managed 32 CPUs. FreeBSD 10.1 dont manage less CPUs, i think.
    And more RAM, as a SOHO Hardware do. It`s limited by Hardware.

    Sorry for my Schoolenglish.

  • Thanks for the information. I greatly appreciate it!

  • Different parts of FreeBSD are good at using more CPU cores. The network stack is getting better and FreeBSD 10(PFSense 2.2.x) has gained some benefits, and FreeBSD 11(PFSense 2.x/3.x) will have more.

    The actual kernel itself can utilize a lot of CPUs for CPU bound work, but IO bound work is a work in progress.

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