New user ! looking for help setting up my network

  • Hello. i m trying to redesign a office network. i have setup the network with ddwrt years ago. as the company grow. now we have about 25 wired device and 10 wireless. i want to ask what is my best setup. here is the list of device

    1 x Wan E3000 Router
    1 x wifi E3000 AP
    1 x D‑Link DGS 1248T Managed Switch ‑ 48 port
    1 x ESXI with pfSense
    15 wired Computer/Device/CCTV
    10 wifi device

    in this case. what is the best way for me to setup the network ? my idea is

    Router (
    D‑Link DGS 1248T (
    wireless AP (
    Server (
    Desktop (

    any other idea ?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    For starters why would you be using e3000 with 35 devices..  Why not just use pfsense as your router.. You could leverage those e3000 as AP.. But I would suggest you get some real AP..  The unifi line is very budget friendly and properly place them around the office where best coverage is obtained.

    You say you have esxi running pfsense - so connect 1 interface to your WAN and another to your LAN..  You have a managed switch, once you get some real AP you could break out your wifi to its own network sesgment.  Even multiple where you have wifi that is for employees and another for guest.  You could use a real form of auth for your employees like tied to your AD?  Or other form of eap so your using wpa-enterprise vs psk

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