Rebooting problems

  • I have an APU1D4 with a WLE200NX wifi card and a mSata16 drive running pfSense 2.2.5
    Sometimes I have a rebooting problem, it's not always there but only sometimes. It makes my box unreliable.
    This is what happens:

    In the webgui I go to reboot and reboot the machine.
    It shuts down and powers up, but it than goes to the interface assignment (vlan, wan + lan), like you have when you first install pfSense.

    I have 2 options than:

    1. Assign interfaces: WAN + LAN but my atheros wifi card is not recognized  so I can not set my wifi interface.
    2. If I pull out the power plug (without assigning the interfaces) and leave it for a few seconds before I put the power back on it boots like normal again and everything is up and running.

    What could be the problem here?
    Before I had 2.2.4 running without any problems.
    I did a clean install of 2.2.5, I did not load any backup config (started from scratch).

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