Can't ping using behind firewall

  • i was trying to ping (from inside the firewall) to machines that are outside my firewall and pinging keeps failing.

    if i try to ping that same machine from another computer that is somewhere else in the world,  it works fine.

    any ideas?

  • My visionary powers are broken :(


    If you are looking for help on the forum because you have a problem:
    provide as much information as possible.
    (log-outputs, screenshots of config/rules, etc.)
    Often a Diagram (ASCII ART ?) can help more than pages of descriptions how your network is set up.

  • sorry about the lack of details

    anyways i figured out what it was

    i unchecked the box in the wan section –- Block private networks  and everything works perfectly now.

    very strange...  anyways thanks!

  • So you where trying to ping a private address? If yes, nothing is strange in that, that's the feature purpose!

    When I try pfSense in a virtual lab I have to use private range IP addresses and yes I have to disable that feature to be able to make my tests. In real world, when your pfSense is facing the Internet (it have a public IP address) you should keep that feature enabled.


  • right now pfsense is setup that it does have a public ip

    quick question

    does the block private address feature block subnet?

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