Tracking open mesh activity pfsense lan port

  • Hi,

    I searched for days before posting, before asking, but i've found nothing at all on the forum and with google.

    I explain the problem :

    I want to give hotspot access for my clients, with open mesh + cloudtrax + lobby assistant (generate tickets). But i need to respect the french law concerning the anti-terrorism, and i need to record all access (IP+MAC+Url+DATE) for one year and have the possibility to extract data if police asking.

    In a first time i did choose Zyxel solution. Hotspot+nas. But it is very expensive and not much flexible. Access points with open mesh just need electricity not even Lan cable. It is more easy to place correctly AP with Open Mesh !

    I contacted open mesh and he told me that some users did that i want with Pfsense appliances!

    That's why i need you guys, because i don't find anything (my english is limited, it doesn't help i agree).

    Thank you !

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