Dual Pcie or Mini Pcie card in to board

  • Hey guys,

    I have this motherboard:


    And yes yes save me the lecture about Intel v.s. Realtek cards  :)

    My WAN is showing 100 base TX. I read on the forum that its a typical re4, realtek bug. My modem is faster then that. Its not a problem really. My internet is 50 mbit down. But in the future maybe i will increase. My ISP is rolling out 500 mbit in the future. Well that still 63 mega bites so still ok then. Please correct me if i am wrong….

    But anyway.

    Should it be possible just put an intel dual NIC in this board. I have a 1x pcie and a 1x mini pcie slot. I have to buy another case then, i have a m350 now with pico power supply.



  • And what is now the real question here?
    I would suggest you to wait two month and then go with a PC Engines APU2B4 board.

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