Swap WAN and LAN ports in config

  • I have my 5 port pfSense box setup the way I like it, but I need to reassign my WAN to another port. How would I go about doing this?

  • I don't have a system to test this right now, but simply swapping the interfaces in Interface -> (assign) should do it?

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    Don't forget to swap the cables as well…

  • I tried that yesterday, but I dont think it worked the way I thought it would. (It was a long day, and I was tired, so I'll try again.) I also need to mention that I have 2 vlans setup on em3. I am assuming I will need to move those as well to the new interface? For those who are interested, my WAN port (fxp0) is only 100M and my internet speed is rapidly approaching that, and I dont want a future bottleneck. I want to move my VLAN(s) from em3 to em2, which is currently unused, and then move my WAN from fxp0 to em3.

  • Also, thanks for the reminder to swap the cables! Sometime we miss the simple things! Like when you have a static IP on a laptop NIC, and then wonder why you cant access a different subnet at another site. Doh!

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    Change your WAN assignment from fxp0 to em2 and move the cable.

    Everything should go with it - rules, dhcp, everything.

    Note that the MAC address your ISP sees will change so if it's a cable modem or something it might need to be kicked into getting a new IP address.

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    Certainly more complicated with the VLANs (frankly, editing and re-importing config.xml might be the least error-prone way).

    P.S. That cable hint comes from my own experience, there's nothing like wasting hours of time with similar PEBKAC.  ::)

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    Yeah I misread that, but why not just move WAN from fxp0 to em2?

    If you insist on moving the VLANs around it will be a lot easier if you have another interface (not on em2 or em3) to access the WebGUI over.

    Duplicate the VLANs you have on em3 on em2 then reassign all the interfaces from, say, VLAN 100 on em3 to VLAN 100 on em2 then move the cable.

    Then delete the VLANs from em3 and reassign WAN from fxp0 to em3.

  • Thanks to everyone for the help! I am happy to report it's working. I moved my wan and trunk port to where I wanted them. I don't know if I moved the VLANs the first time, but this time I was thinking more clearly. I moved the ports in "Interfaces>Assign", and I also moved the VLANs. The critical piece was the almighty reboot after making changes. I do have one port setup as a "maintenance port", so I can connect and make changes even if everything else goes bad. Thanks!

  • sorry to revive the dead,

    I just did this and it worked great thank you.

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