Clean install with automatically restored configuration

  • I have a question about the functionality described here:

    And I found this:

    specifically this section:

    - the livecd will search on bootup on all available media for /conf/config.xml and use it if it finds one

    Is this strictly correct?  Asked another way, does this mean that if I create a file /conf/config.xml on the actual install disk (i.e. the liveCD itself) that the system will install and come up with whatever config is described by that file?

    Or should this statement more accurately say "the liveCD will search on bootup all OTHER available devices for /conf/config.xml" ?

    I ask because what I'm specifically trying to accomplish is this:  install from a bootable/live USB device with the installation target as ANOTHER USB device.  If I have to have yet a third device (only to hold the config.xml file) this greatly complicates my install as the machine only has two available USB ports  ;-)

  • Was this question off-topic?  Or just much more difficult to answer than I expected?

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    In that week that has elapsed, how hard it'd be to plop the file there and try?

  • Fair question: I did try it, and it didn't work.  But I'm not familiar enough with all the install options to know whether it didn't work because it's not designed to work the way I think it does (should?) or whether I just didn't have the exact right selection through the install and/or recovery menus.

    I was hoping for a pointer to something that explains the logical flow of the feature, so I could combine with with more testing to figure out what's actually going on.  I thought that would more constructive than a post that said "It didn't work - help!"

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    Try putting your file in /conf.default on the CD

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