VIP Limitations?

  • I'm having trouble with some protocols that rely on the outbound and inbound traffic passing through the same IP Address i.e. outbound through the single WAN port and incoming through a Virtual IP address bound to the single WAN port.

    Is it possible to direct outbound traffic from a specific subnet/OPT interface to a VIP?

    Many Thanks in advance for any clues.

  • It should be possible.  I use outbound NAT to have my mail server sending using a specific VIP that is used by my mail appliance.  IN other words, mail appliance receives mail at VIP and then forwards the processed mail to real server.  When you send a mail out through real server, it uses outbound NAT to appear to send the traffic out from the same VIP that my mail appliance is port forwarded to.  In your case, oyu want to use a network instead of a host as the source.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Hybrid outbound NAT is probably what you want. You can direct NAT to use any available public address of the proper type as the inside global (mapped) address based on any unmapped characteristics of the traffic (source, dest, etc).

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