Watchguard X1000 Boot Error

  • Hey All

    I bought a X1000 to install pfsense however i cannot get to work.  I have uploaded free dos to my 4gb san disk CF card however when i switch it on it beeps once and comes up with Boot Error L:REEBOOT and D:NEXT.

    I then tried the same with pfsense nano however same issue.

    I cant seem to get putty to work.  This is probably an easy fix but just new to the whole watchguard appliance.



  • First, it does work.

    Second, you will need to get the serial console working because pfSense is going to be asking (on the console) to assign interfaces. You just need a DB9 female-female crossover cable and a client device with a DB9 male serial (or a USB serial adapter). Then try console speeds like 9600, 38400, 115200 - the initial BIOS-type output from the X1000 might come at 9600 or 38400 (I don't remember now) and a modern pfSense nanoBSD written to CF card should have the serial speed set to 115200, so the console output will switch to that early in the FreeBSD boot loading section.

    After that it should be plain sailing.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply.  is this the correct cable as this is what i bought?

    RS232 9 Pin 1.5m Serial Port Cable Null Modem Cable DB9F Female to DB9F RS 232.

    i have tried different speeds but made no difference so maybe its the cable?


  • Ah think i ordered wrong cable?

    I need a crossover?


  • That cable sounds reasonable. The "Null Modem" means no modem in the middle - the Tx and Rx pins swap over between ends - what one end Tx's the other will Rx. "null modem" should be "crossover".

    It is really tricky if you do not have a working serial setup to compare with. If you are not sure about any of the components then it could be any of:

    a) Watchguard console not working
    b) Cable problem
    c) Client end DB9 connector/adapter problem
    d) Putty settings or not selecting the correct COMn in Putty
    e) …

  • Ok what a nightmare lol.

    Maybe the cable i have is not a crossover.  I will play around at weekend as pc im using has two com ports which is probably making things more difficult.

    Can you get me a ebay link for the correct cable just incase?



  • I am using one of these, and used it to talk to an X1000 console last week:
    I bought a bunch of them a few years ago for each site.
    Any similar spec cable should do the same.

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