Automatic Routes from clients with wrong IP/DNS

  • At the hotel I work at, the most help desk calls are due to wrong IP/DNS/Gateway. Is there any way for the gateway (ie pfSense) to:
    pick up the gateway the client is trying to connect to
    create a route Client::FakedNetwork::pfSense::Interweb
    and do the same for DNS.

    or perhaps there's another mechanism I haven't thought of to achieve the same result?

    I was at a hotel not too long ago, and their system did this, but I've got no idea what software they were using.

  • pfSense cannot do this.
    And i'm glad it cannot do this.
    A router that does this is just crap.
    Believe me you'll have far more problems with such rogue IP's than you'll ever have if you force your customers to configure their system properly.

    You might want to write a single-sided document which tells your customers in VERY simple words how to configure their computer to get their IP/DNS per DHCP.

    As far as i know some Zyxel routers can do that, and this "feature" is called OneTouch.
    But i would stay as far away from that as possible.

  • Thanks for the info.  We've got a card in the room and our operator has a cheat sheet, but people still call us all the time.  Most of our guests are military/government workers, so there's a high percentage of people with custom IP/DNS settings.

  • The gateway boxes from TUT systems do this. As do some of the commercial hotel gateways (linux based). It is kind of a nasty hack- if you plug one into an existing network, they will wreak havoc as they respond to every arp request…

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