Esoft Instagate installation

  • Hi everyone,

    First post and I apologize for my poor english, my primary language is french.

    I havent found a solution for my problem online…maybe just because I havent write the right word in the search box.

    Here's my problem. I bought 2 router(1 Instagate Pro and 1 Instagate EX2) some years ago with an already Pfsense installation on the hard drive(ide hard drive in the router). Never really had the time to play with it and they stay on the shelve collecting dust. A couple of week ago I started to work on a project where the Pfsense will be usefull. To make a long story short, I locked myself out of the box during my learning and I need to reinstall Pfsense on it.

    Never succeed to find how to install Pfsense. I'd try putting a PCI video card, but not supported. Try with USB memstick with serial installation, but booting by usb seem to be not supported. I also try to remove the hard drive, install it in an old P4 and proceed with a livecd installation. Succeed to install and configured it but when moved back to the Instagate, never succeed to have an valid IP address from it(both from lan or wan). I suspect that Pfsense see some hardware change and ask some question that I cannot see(Serial dont work).

    So I'm stuck but the solution exist, someone succeed before selling it to me. I also saw some Instagate with Pfsense unit on a foreign ebay website but I was unable to log on that ebay website with my north america credential. So I cannot contact the seller from the unit i saw.

    The only solution I havent try yet because I dont have the right hardware for now, is to install a USB memstick serial edition on the drive before moving it back to the router. My old P4 dont support usb boot, only CD.

    Does it exist a livecd CD with serial edition? Do someone have the right path to install it on this kind of hardware?

    thanks for the help to not loosing my old stuff :)

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    My old P4 dont support usb boot, only CD.

    Grab this, perhaps:

  • Hi,

    forget to reply that is working.

    Thank so much for the help

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