GonzoPancho we miss you…

  • Could we please bring him back. I mess his pep and zing.

    I don't like trolling Reddit to get the real skinny..

    Do I need to put a bounty up for him? Would be worth $100 for his ire!!!

  • Them dishes must be stacked to the ceiling seeing how we ain't got nobody to wash them..

  • Could it be that GonzoPancho = jwt?
    I don´t know it really, but you could ask him.

    P.S. I was writing to jwt and was asking him if he is GonzoPancho, perhaps he might be taking a
    minute to respond to the message or this thread I was linking to. Lets wait for an answer of him.

  • Netgate

    Le gonzopancho est mort, vive le gonzopancho !

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