Do I need traffic shapping for this…?

  • Here is my pfsense setup:

    pfsense 1.2 release
    2.4Ghz P4, 1GB RAM
    LAN1 Gigabit (em)
    LAN2 100Mb (re)
    LAN3 100Mb (re)

    When a large file is sent from LAN1 to LAN2, the file is transfered at a little under 100Mb/s as expected, but this connection will hog nearly 100% of the bandwidth, so that a second concurrent transfer from LAN1 to LAN2 is virtually impossible.

    This was not a problem until I upgraded LAN1 from 100Mb to Gigabit.

    My pfsense box is running at less than 10% CPU while these transfers are taking place.

    I would rather not mess with traffic shaping since I don't need to put a higher priority on any particular traffic.  I'm just looking for relatively fair sharing of the available bandwidth.

  • Yes, as far as I know their is no way to do this without traffic shaping.

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