No Internet access post fresh installation 2.2.5 but able to ping everything..!!

  • Facing an since few days, have read almost every thread on this topic but couldn't make it work yet..!

    My network setup is as follows

    ISP modem -> rl0 ie wan on pfsense , lan re0 -> my switch box -> clients

    everything was fine until last two days suddenly pfsense stopped giving access to the internet,, tried almost everything known but no success,, finally reconfigured the pfsense NO SUCCESS still.

    mine is a static IP connection ,
    I am able to ping anything and everything from the pfsense ping host using ip address aswell as the host-names, However i am not able to ping through the client using HOST-NAMES only IP address works and thats what i think is the problem,,

    ANY HELP would be heartily appreciated.. ! thanks in advance..

  • See my reply in your other post about this same issue.

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