Can Someone review and give me some useful suggestion or Tips

  • My Emergency config during 1 Wan is down.

    Download: 2000Kb
    Upload: 600Kb

    Port: Gaming & Browsing

    Queue limit = 2000
    Root Que: 2000Kb
    QInternet: 1800 // Borrow enabled
    Gaming = Priority 7 //700Kb// Borrow enabled (Highest Priority)
    Browsing = Priority 4  //20%// no borrow

    Limiter out/in
    Browsing = 400Kb // 300Kb
    Gaming = 300Kb // 300Kb

    If my qInternet reaches 1800Kb Gaming is LAG (200~999 ms), need help on this maintain gaming @ stable latency of 19~50ms..

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