Unbound URL forwarding question

  • Currently thinking of using squid3 as a HTTP / HTTPS reverse proxy, but was looking at Unbound and wondering if I can achieve the same result by using advanced directives such as:

    local-data: "click01.example.com A"
    local-data: "www.example.com A"
    local-data: "static.example.com A"

    The question is will unbound redirect external traffic to these IP's or is this only for internal users?

    What is the best way to redirect HTTP/HTTPS traffic to the correct server with PFsense?



  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If you want traffic from public to talk to devices inside your network, this is normally done with a port forward.  You would simply port forward 80 and 443 to the private IP address you want to send that traffic too.  If you need to do it based on fqdn or url then you would use a reverse proxy yes.

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