Internet works on the LAN but not broadcasted on switch

  • I had to change the leased line in my office as we procured new static IP. The internet works on the LAN as I checked by connecting it directly to the LAN port of Pfsense. But the internet is not broadcasted through the L3 switch to the other switches.

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    "through the L3 switch"

    So you have downstream networks from pfsense..  Does pfsense know how to get to those networks?  Have you setup nat so pfsense nats those networks, do the firewall rules allow for those other networks.  Normally when you have a downstream L3 switch doing routing you would connect that to your edge or wan router with a transit network.

    While you might have your downstream router pointing to pfsense as its default gateway, how does pfsense know how to get to those downstream networks??  You either need to create routes to them or run a routing protocol so pfsense learns how to get to them.  This sort of setup can also lead to asynchronous routing issues depending how everything is connected..

    If for example you have a device in the network using pfsense as gateway..  And he wants to talk to IP say in the 10 network, his gateway is pfsense, pfsense sends it to your L3 switch that routes it to the 10 hanging off it.. But when the 10 devices talks back the L3 switch says oh I have that 192.168.1 directly connected and just sends the traffic direct to client on that network.  So you have a asynchronous route - not good.  This is why downstream is normally connected via a transit so you don't run into that problem.

    Why don't you post a diagram and your network and we can work out where your problem is..

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