4G connection on Pfsense? what to use?

  • Hi

    I'm trying to use a 4G connection using a D-Link DWR-921 with the option "Transparent Bridge".

    On Pfsense my interface is with DHCP and gets an IP. But no traffic is going trough.

    Strange is the fact that it's getting an external IP with the same IP as the Gateway? (see picture)

    The firewall is opened (floating rule allowing all interface traffic) (see picture)

  • Are you using a LAN jack of the Dlink and making it your WAN on pfSense?

  • On Pfsense my interface is with DHCP and gets an IP.

    Perhaps you are running DHCP on both devices?

    Which device are you using as the DHCP server?

  • Hi thanks for your questions.

    The Dlink is connected from a LAN port to the WAN port of pfsense.
    Dlink is configured as "Transparent Bridge" and is correctly giving the IP from the 4G provider.

    Pfsense Wan interface is IPv4 only with DHCP.

    The problem seems to be that is also giving the same IP for the related gateway and interface!!
    Looks that Dlink transparent mode is not giving the gateway and PFsense gets confused!!

    If I reset the Dlink to put it back to factory configuration.
    It works giving a LAN IP to the wan.

    PS - Transparent Mode on the DWR 921 only exists as an option on the latest firmware

    I can use this way for normal internet access but I not able to make IPSEC tunnel trough it.
    I really would like to connect using Bridge


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