Simply Static Route Not Working -.-

  • I want to route a subnet to another external gateway, so, i go to System/Routing/Routes and add that network, but my PF has default GW of my Lan can re route this simple thing? nothing happens…, What about of rules and policys from wan default route, is a concept problem _?
    Why i cant not make  a simple static route?


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    "but my PF has default GW of my Lan"

    Huh??  That makes no sense at all… PFsense default gateway would be out its wan, are you saying pfsense wan is your lan?

    Why don't you draw up your network, and show what your wanting to accomplish..  Do you have a downstream router?  Normally you connect downstream routers with a transit network so you don't run into a asynchronous routing issue.

  • I have 2 Gateways,my default gateway is PFsense 2.2 , on , the other gateway is in the same lan  on and i want to make a simple route of from my default gateway to tha gateway( , when some client ask for that subnet*addrees then my default gateway re route to that gateway, is clear?, has simple has is, simple static route.

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    "the other gateway is in the same lan  on"

    You don't set a gateway on a LAN interface, or it becomes a WAN..  So you just created a gateway using your LAN interface??  You didn't actual set the gateway on your LAN interface??

    So you have a downstream router that has a interface in your lan (10.20.0/24)  Your lan interface in pfsense would NOT have a gateway set..  You have a possible problem with asynchronous routing if you don't connect this downstream router with a transit network..

    So is this your network?  See below.

    Without a transit network you have issue that when client in 10.20.0/24 wants to talk to he sends traffic pfsense, which sends to Now when talks back it doesn't have to go through pfsense since that downstream router has interface in the 10.20.0/24 network directly.. This is problem!  Not only do you have a hairpin you also have asynchronous routing.. Your paths are different to and from where your going..  This is normally BAD!!

    Is this downstream router natting? Do you have a switch that supports vlans?  If so you could create a transit network via vlan..  See 2nd image showing a transit network to get to the network.

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