Recommended local naming for host with several interfaces?

  • Some of the hosts on the LAN have several interfaces, for different purposes.

    For ex. host1 has an interface for general use, one for ipmi (management), and one for fast transfers (sfp+)

    Currently I'm using dhcp names:
    host1 (the normal interface mac address)
    host1-fast (the sfp interface mac address)
    host1-ipmi (the mgmt interface mac address).

    Is this the recommended approach? It bothers me slightly to use these different names in this way because the host name is more correctly just "host1" in all 3 cases. The DHCP server does not allow using host names with a period such as "host1.ipmi" or "" because it considers the second part to be a domain name. And I don't see a way to create 3 local sub-domain names such as " . ", " .fast ", and " .ipmi"

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    .fast and .ipmi would not be subdomains… would make fast a sub domain or host1.ipmi.domain.tld

    I have these sorts of names for pfsense different interfaces so when you do a PTR you get back the correct ip for that interface..

    C:>dig pfsense.dmz.local.lan +short

    C:>dig -x +short

    Since your setting static, you can just do an override for whatever name you want for each of those IPs.

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