Hardwar requirements for openvpn ??

  • I know it's probably been asked tons of times before, but I'm having great difficulty estimating openvpn performance with various hardware .. crypto accelerators etc.
    I'm using openvpn AES-256-CBC etc..  pretty run of the mill stuff.
    My router will give barely 6mbps .. ( ASUS AC66) not surprise there.
    My connection using windoze based openvpn is 80mbps ( my max connection is 100mbps)
    So I'd like whole house vpn support.
    What hardware ?
    What will the SG-2220 handle ?
    @ 240$ ( SG-2220) it would seem cheaper to just get a small pc with much higher performance ? I like to idea of low power dedicated appliance but not if it's going to be struggling to keep up.



  • Using for example a modest thin client, you can even get 66Mbit/sec:

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