Learning the command line

  • While I absolutely love the fact that literally everything can be configured from the web GUI, sometimes I find myself in dire need of the command line. Coming from a Linux background, I certainly prefer doing something via shell scripts and the command line in general, over clicking all over the place.

    So with that said, where can I learn how to do certain tasks in pfSense over the command line?

    For instance, when I want to add / remove items from the DHCP static lease list, I currently download the XML, edit it via python scripts, upload it again. Heck a lot of scripting.

    If there's a way I can get the XML via the command line (after SSHing into the pfsense box) and re-upload via the command line, that would be great. Or , if I can learn what the actual tools are and have to go edit the config files for them , that's great too.

    Any pointers?

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