L2 LAN - LAN bridging possible over L3 WAN?

  • Hi.

    Situation is two of our sites currently have a BT LES (Lan Extension Service) linking them and we've had an urgent notice that this will be ceased within days. As there isn't time to convert each site to a unique IP addressing scheme with local DHCP servers etc on each site, I need a quick and dirty way of maintaining the L2 connectivity between the sites.

    Each site has a WAN router and traffic is routed and allowed to pass between the two but we cannot touch the config of the WAN routers. Currently these routers are only used to access resources external to the two sites.

    I know it's possible to create a VPN tunnel between the sites over the WAN but this wouldn't work without re IPing everything into one subnet per site.

    So my question is - can I use a pfSense box on each site to create a L2 bridge/tunnel over the L3 WAN, and how would I go about it?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Probably an OpenVPN TAP mode connection. Not a recommended config but should provide enough google terms for you.

  • Might be that a L2TP/IPSec tunnel would matching right?

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