Routing internet traffic to another gateway in LAN

  • Hello
    i wan to route certain clients Internet to gateway (router) which is in LAN.
    I do not want to forward their internet request directly to WAN, instead i want to forward them another router in LAN.

    for e.g

    If source IP is then use gateway (LAN) for internet
    If source IP is then use gateway WAN for internet

    how can i setup this? Pls help.

  • Go to System > Routing gateway tab and add the alternativ Gateway there.
    In Firewall > Aliases add an alias with all host, that should use this gateway.

    Then you have to add firewall rules for the concerned host in which you select the gateway. If you only have the default allow rule on LAN interface, click the + sign beside the rule to add a new rule based on this one. Add source enter the alias you've made above, go down to advanced features > gateway and select your alternative gateway. Save it with a new name. Select the new rule and put it to the top.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    This seems like a asynchronous routing issue to me…  so when you route traffic through pfsense to a lan IP as a gateway.  What keeps the return traffic from just going to the client directly?

    Better option here would be to just create routes on that client to use that lan IP as its gateway for networks you want to get to, or even default, etc..

    if you have a downstream router that you want to use to get to internet or other networks for some clients then that router should be on a transit network between it and pfsense so you don't run into asynchronous routing.

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