WAN stays up, LAN keeps dropping??

  • Whats up all,

    This is my first post so pleez go easy. So far I'm really enjoying my pfsense router. It's on par with many enterprise solutions I've managed at work.

    One problem though, the LAN side connection keeps failing. All will be working well, until suddenly users can't connect. Either through the WAP or wired connections. It stays like that until I remote in and reboot the router, so we know WAN side is up. This happens approx once every 1-2 days.

    Brief description of my topology:
    -Cable Modem
    -PF sense router
    -16 port dumb(unmanaged) 10/100 switch
    -Ubiquiti Unify AP

    Some things I did to trouble-shoot:
    -When the connection fails, isolate the router itself plugging directly into the LAN interface with a laptop.
    -Reviewed /var/log/filter.log (Honestly I don't know what I'm looking at)
    -Checked Status>interface for Collisions and In/Out Errors. These show zero.

    Assuming my hardware is good (this'll be my last resort). Does anyone know of other things to check? What should I be looking for in var/log/filter.log?

  • Rebooting doesn't necessarily indicate it's something to do with that system. Bringing the interface down and back up fixes external problems like IP conflicts, for instance.

    Anything in the system log pre-reboot? Can devices on the LAN ping the LAN IP when it's not working? What MAC, if any, do the clients have in their ARP cache for the LAN IP?

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