IPv4 and IPv6 with Quagga OSPF

  • I have OSPF working for IPv4 with pfSense peering with a dell 6224. I just got done configuring the 6224 with ipv6 addresses and ospf.

    When I turned up the ipv6 addresses on the pfsense, I am not seeing any ipv6 neighbors. Relevant config on Dell 6224:

    ipv6 unicast-routing

    show running-config interface vlan 101
      interface vlan 101
      ip address
      ip ospf area
      ipv6 address 2605:FE00:3:AAAA::5/126
      ipv6 enable
      ipv6 ospf
      ipv6 ospf cost 10

    ipv6 router ospf
    redistribute connected

    Current generated config of pfsense/quagga: (Do I have to over-ride the config and specify my ipv6 network below)

    This file was created by the pfSense package manager.  Do not edit!

    password xxxxxx
    interface em1

    router ospf
      ospf router-id
      redistribute connected
      network area
      distribute-list dnr-list out connected
      distribute-list dnr-list out kernel
      distribute-list dnr-list out static
      access-list dnr-list deny 10.xx.8.0/24
      access-list dnr-list permit any

    Not seeing the ospf neighbor on the Dell 6224 (the one listed below is my peer dell 6224 on the other side of a WAN link):

    sw-6224-s2#show ipv6 ospf neighbor
    Router ID      Priority  Intf  Interface    State            Dead
                              ID                                    Time
    ----------------  --------  -----  -----------  ----------------  ----        1        681    vlan 104    Full/DR          36

  • It won't work…Quagga OSPF actually has two OSPF daemons, one for IPv4 the other for IPv6.  Sadly, the pfSense web gui only manages the config for the IPv4 ospfd.
    You need to manually edit ospf6d.conf, manually start ospf6d daemon, and if you're using CARP, etc good luck, there is no integration whatsoever.

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