Dual Wan 1:1 NAT issue.

  • Main provider Verizon 71.251.90.XXX
    Backup Bright House  97.76.45.XXX

    1:1 Nat on Bright House 97.76.45.XXX to 192.168.0.XXX works well kind of. FTP works if in non passive mode I can download etc. but not with it on. I get this error "MESSAGE: The server returned an address in response to the PASV command that is different than the address to which the FTP connection was made."

    So I set an outbound 192.168.0.xxx to go out bright house same thing.

    I logged on to the server went to IP chicken and it shows my Verizon IP not my Bright House IP. No fail over, load balancing or anything just 2 different providers. In our old router when I set a 1:1 nat the IP from the server would come up as the IP I set in the 1:1 nat this is not happening in pfsense how do I correct this?

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