Pppoe-Server on pfSense and IPv6?

  • Hi,

    I use the pppoe-Server on pfSense for IPv4 connections quiet a lot.
    After hafing some /48 Networks to deploy I tried to upgrade the pppoe-Server to manage IPv6 Adresses as well.

    So i set up a DHCPv6 Server and added the POES1 Interface to it, gave a valid /64 Network Range for  deployment and tried to connect via a pppoe client (namely a Fritz!Box 7270) on the pppoe Site.
    IPv4 works fine, but absolutely no IPv6 adress could be retrieven, though the AVM Fritz!Box tries to get the IPv6 Address on many different ways automatically, so as DHCP6 Client over PPPoE.

    Does anyone do this yet and tell me what I am doing wrong, or if this feature just isn't available yet for production use?

    Thanks a lot!



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