VOIP Shaping when the Asterisk server is remote

  • Hello.

    I have an Asterisk server at work.  I installed PFsense at home to test it out.  I have an ADSL 6mb/768kb connection.  I used the QOS wizard and set the type as Asterisk with no IP address filled out.  I set the QOS settings to 5000/650.  I set no other QOS settings.

    To test this setup I start off by making a phone call to my company's auto-attendant.  Right when it begins speaking I run a bandwidth test at www.speakeasy.net/speedtest.  During the download test the audio skips and chops a bit.  On the upload test it sounds perfectly clear.

    What am I doing wrong?  If I watch the "Queues" on PFSense (while on a VOIP call) I see qVOIPup use around 80kbps.  And about 80kbps used on the qlanacks queue.  While the qVOIPdown is using nothing.

    What am I doing wrong?  Anyone have a working QOS-VOIP config for PFsense?

    Thanks for the help.

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