NPT 6to4

  • I have the following configuration:

    Firewall directly connected to the web.
    Static ipv4 address
    6to4 activated on the interface

    ipv6 of the interface returns this config
    Subnet mask IPv6 /16

    Configured internal network

    Added npt rule:
    WAN 2002:2eed:faf1:1ad3::/64 fd00:0:3:1ad3::/64

    But it acutally does not work and i did not find a debugger for the npt stuff.

    Did i configure something wrong?

    My other options is to use another router which already gets ip addresses via 6to4. So i used dhcpv6 and the router delegated a /64 network to the firewall. But also with this config it did not work.

    Do you have any ideas?

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