PPPoE on Opt2 & Virtual Interfaces, 3 Wan Setup Please help

  • Hi,

    First and foremost i think pfsense is a great product and i hope to see more improvements as it matures, great job guys.

    Ive beeh trying to figure out how to get this setup i got working with PFsense, but so far ive been unlucky, i have programmed cisco routers in the past so im sure this can be done i just have no idea how to do it on PFsense, any help would be greatly apreciated, heres my problem:

    Links: Currently i have 2 Static WAN links and 1 PPPoE WAN link.
    PHISICALLY: I have 1 LAN Card , 2 WAN Cards

    Basically what I am trying to do is the following (correct me if this is imposible im just going by what i remembered cisco routers were able to do so i figured pfsense can prolly do it too)

    I am trying to get the pfsense box to see all 3 links at once in the following way:

    LAN in the LAN (Phisical) Link
    WAN 1 in the WAN 1 (Phisical) Link (Static)
    WAN 2 in the Opt 1 (Phisical) Link (Static)
    WAN 3 in the Opt 2 (Virtual IP on the Opt 1 Phisical Card) Link (PPPoE)

    In terms of questions boils down to this:

    Can pfSense create virtual interfaces (2 interfaces in 1 phisical card ala windows/cisco)? if so how? (cant for my life find it anywhere)

    Can pfSense use PPPoE on Opt X interfaces (it only lets me pick Static or DHCP on anything other than the WAN, but i dont want the PPPoE link to be the "main" link by default (when load balancing fails and/or an incompatible/special aplication needs to reach the net it always goes by default to the main WAN port, in this case the PPPoE link is the emergency backup not the main line)

    Anyone have any idea how to make this work? if need be i can add a third Ethernet card to be Opt 2 and put the PPPoE there but seeing how most PPPoE links are loaded over another already existing link it seemed kinda pointless to add the extra hardware, not to mention if i were to add it theres no option to pick PPPoE on the Opt interfaces (at least not that ive seen)

    I know im sounding a bit confusing but any help is geatly apreciated, ive been banging myself on desk for 2 days over this.


  • A diagram would look like this:

    WAN 1 (WAN on pfSense)STATIC IP Phisical NIC 1 _____
    __ pfSense ___ Phisical NIC 0 LAN (LAN on pfSense)         
    WAN 2 (Opt 1 on pfSense)STATIC IP Phisical NIC 2
                                                                     Virtual NIC 3
    WAN 3 (Opt 2 on pfSense)PPPoE________|

    Hope it clears it up

    I hope this is possible to acomplish in some way

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