Problems with IPv6 Routing from LAN to WAN in datacenter with own IPv6 /64

  • Hey,
    maybe someone could help me:

    I have a quarter rackspace in a datacenter with IPv4 and IPv6.
    IPv4 is working great with virtual IPs and 1:1 NAT for the Servers behind the PFSense Router.

    My problem is how to connect from LAN to WAN.
    I have a /64 IPv6 net with a Gateway on lets say 2001:xxxx:yyyy:zzzz::1
    The WAN interface is connected via own WAN IP 2001:xxxx:yyyy:zzzz::2 (static ipv6)

    Now i can ping google with no problems via diagnostic and ping via WAN interface.

    Problem is the LAN interface and the servers connected to it. IPv4 is working stable without problems.
    IPv6 is not.  The LAN interface has the IPv6 adress 2001:xxx:yyy💤1111::1
    But how can I connect from LAN to WAN? Normaly i will set the Server IP that is behind pfsense like  2001:xxx:yyy💤1111::1000 and Gateway to 2001:xxx:yyy💤1111::1
    but theres no connection / route to the WAN interface and the internet…

    Anyone could help me please?

    DHCPv6 on WAN interface does not work and thus no track interface is working on lan side.

  • As has been pointed out today elsewhere: you need at least a /63 from your ISP to make one LAN behind a WAN.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Get a /48 routed to your interface address from the datacenter.

  • Thank you so much, it's working now :-)

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