Penalty box Firewall rule applying to WAN

  • First time poster, novice pfSenser coming from Sophos UTM. I saw a lot of posts about the penalty box, but nothing pertaining to this specific thing.

    When utilizing the Traffic Shaper Wizard (traffic_shaper_wizard_multi_all.xml), I set a traffice rule for a specific IP address on my LAN ( I monitored the Que and noticed that the bandwidth is not being categorized in it's correct "bulk" que. I jumped into the firewall floating rule being applied to the IP address and found that the Penalty rule is being applied to the WAN interface. I adjusted it to the LAN interface and the traffic started being showing up in the correct que.

    First off, am I doing something wrong in the first place, or am I missing something that I'm not understanding about the traffic shaper? Is switching the interface over to the LAN interface the correct move, or is this a bug in the traffic shaper wizard?


    Version: pfSense 2.2.5-Release amd64

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