Question about shaping by ip

  • Hi!
    I'd like to shape traffic by IP. My present configuration works only is some parts so I'm trying to do it from beginning.
    As I understand I should use wizard and use penalty option.
    OK it works.
    But When I add new queues it stops work.

    I'm interested only in shaping upload. Limit each IP to some speed ex. 640kb, 1024kb.

    So I create new upload  queue similar to created by wizard (server1up limited to 640).

    I leave rules created by wizard (,,qPenaltyDown/qPenaltyUp) and (,,qPenaltyUp/qPenaltyDown).
    And in rules I create two entries using (,,qPenaltyDown/server1up) and (,,server1up/qPenaltyDown).

    And shaping for new entry (server1up) doesn't work.
    Should I create for each IP 2 queues (Up/Down) instead of only (Up)? Or is it any other reason for it?

    Also when I was searching for solution, I've found that somebody wrote that Pfsense is limited to 64 queues. Is it true?
    Also I've found that in 1.3 will be some improvements for traffic shaper. Can somebody tell me when is planned to release 1.3 version?


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