Accesss Light Squid with out login to firewall.

  • I am running lightSquid on the pfsense box along with captive portal in local manager mode.
    I can access the lightSquid Report with out login into the firewall which means other users could do the same. I do not want other user to be able to see what others are accessing but the admins need to keep an eye on it.

    Is there a way of protecting it or limiting access to it? Maybe by requiring a firewall login before it can be viewed


  • I'm also curious if this is possible?

    I have the webgui set on a different port (duh) and I could block this port for all except admins, but this would be kind of annoying when logging in to the gui from another location.

    Some services I would like to have open on the firewall, so still, blocking the webgui wouldn't be a nice feature.

    Anybody have any idea's on how to block lightsquid or alter the html output location?

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