Find dhcp6 leases although dhcp6 is not active

  • Hi,
    I trying to find some curious errors in our network, if I attach a new vm-installation of the 2.2.5 version.
    After some minutes the LAN-interface is enabled and up, we run into an ipv6 adress-conflict on several windows servers.

    By investigating the firewalls settings, I can see that there are three entries in DHCP6-leases table, although all dhcp6-servers are deactivated.

    Is there someone who can explaint what happens?


  • It looks like it's a problem between the master-firewall (that was upgraded from version 2.1.5 to 2.2.5) and the new slave vm-firewall (that was build up from scatch with 2.2.5).
    The error with ipv6-adress conflict doesn't occure, if we disconnect the master-firewall. If only the new slave-firewall with the syncronized settings is running, it works.
    But it's not possible to isolate the cause the problem.

    Also one IPSec-tunnel doesn't work anymore at the upgraded machine, but the same tunnel is working at the new machine.

    It seems, that there are some issues by upgrading the machine.

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