Virtual IP's From WAN with DHCP

  • Hello, my ISP provides more that one IP to be used, but it's assigned by DHCP. I only have 2 ports on my PFSense, so I can't connect more that one cable to WAN. On the ISP side, the Web is assign to VLAN12, so on the WAN port I receive VLAN12 and the PFsense make a DHCP request, that assigns my public IP. My idea was to create a virtual IP Interface that would make also a DHCP request and receive a new IP.

    From my research on the forum, this is not possible, so my question is, if this is really a limitation or if its not possible because it's not implemented.

    Is there any way to bypass this with only one WAN port?

    Thank you all

  • The underlying software doesn't support that. You'd have to use two NICs.

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