DNS Proxy Problem

  • Hello everybody,
    first my config:
    i have a standard PC hardware with 3 NICs, LAN, WAN and OPT1
    WAN traffic goes to an DSL-Router, OPT1 traffic to a VPN Gateway, policy based via firewall rules
    I configured a DNS Forwarder to resolve hostnames from the VPN net.
    So far it works perfect.
    But when i activate the squid proxy, only hosts fron the LAN and WAN interface are resolved.
    To reach hosts on the VPN over OPT1, i have to enter the IP, cause DNS doesn't work.

    I think that when i activate the Proxy, the DNS forwarder is ignored.

    Any ideas to fix my problem?

    thx. Dino

  • solved, it wasn't a DNS problem, but a problem with my routes

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