Can't get LDAP working

  • Hello,

    I searched the forum and think there is no support for ldap?
    but i'm still hoping on some help here!

    these are my settings and i'm wondering what am i doing wrong?
    Do you need more information let me know!

    (and sorry for the bad english ;))

  • Please search before posting.  The authentication feature in the squid package is not working ATM.  Also, this post belongs in the packages forum.

  • I indicated that in my first post…

    but why is it in the package then?
    And when will it work?

  • The feature was working once a long time ago.  Perhaps if you open a bounty somebody can fix it for you.

  • And does the radius-function work? ???

    And does anyone knows a manual in cooperation with microsoft 2003 server?


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