Virgin Media L2TP for Static IP's

  • Hi

    I have a cable connection with Virgin Media Business and the modem/router, made by netgear, that Virgin have provided has broken firmware.  They have acknowledged that the firmware is indeed borked but say there is nothing they can do until next year.

    They have however let slip that the router works fine in modem only mode but in order for us to use our block of 5 static IP's we would need to initiate an L2TP session with them.  I have a username and password for this  but have no idea how to set up pfsense to do that.

    I looked at the WAN interface settings and have found the L2TP setting but not sure what to put in the remote address and local address options.

    Does anyone know how I should configure this?

    Many thanks

  • Hi

    I have the exact same query! Did you make any progress?

    They have given me the L2TP username and password and our static IP address. I'm thinking to put the static IP in for the remote IP and leave the local blank - did you try that?



  • Hi Chris

    Really sorry mate, I've not cracked the L2TP with VM's 5 static IP service in modem mode. I pissed and moaned with my best pseudo-litigious vitriol but the best they have done is put me on the trial for the new firmware that supposedly fixes the issue. In fact, for all I know it's probably fixed by now - new firmware appears to be pushed to the box without end user interaction.

    I'm currently using virtual IP's and 1:1 NAT and that works fine. If your VM box is locking out the lan ports and needing a reboot every couple of days or less, call VM and ask when they're getting the new firmware rolled out.

    Calling this a business grade internet connection is a joke, the whole point of us paying for static IP's is so we can host stuff from them! It's piss poor that the hardware we have been locked into using is broken. This year I'm going to consolidate all of my isp's/hosting/telephone lines and buying a 100mb leased line it's 400 quid a month but I spend nearly that already and when one or all of these things breaks we, as a company are left bare arsed…

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