Phantom bridged interface?

  • well i have an odd question, that i am looking for some help on. We have a DSL connection from our ISP, we are on a static ip plan delivered via DHCP( Host must have an active lease bound to mac address in order to be routed across the network). My problem is our new hardware provided by our parent company requires a hardcoded static ip with no exceptions. I do have some Bonded T1's coming with real static ips, but i need to make this current setup work for the next 2 months until that point.

    Is there any possible way a pfsense box could be used to somehow pull and renew the DCHP lease from the ISP , but still allow the end device to use the public ip address? I realize this is a long shot, but PFsense seems so flexible it wouldnt surprise me if it could do this.

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