Zabbix crashing PFSENSE

  • Good afternoon,

    I came across a problem in the least strange these last days.
    At least 3 firewalls PFSense I manage were offline without warning, leaving to free internet on the LAN, preventing access via WEB interface and in some cases, leaving up to deliver IP in the local network.
    I could access the web interface again if re-initiate the webconfigurator and php-fpm.
    By accessing the web interface, I was reporting a crash in Zabbix package (both as proxy agent). The apparently normal rest.
    In the first case, how I have not figured out what it was, just reinstalling from scratch.
    After some tests, in the latter case that occurred, I just removed the Zabbix packages and everything returned to normal (navigation, access to all interface …).
    When trying to re-install the package, the problem returned.
    I ended up leaving without Zabbix, at least for now.

    Someone had a similar experience or have no idea what might be going on?

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